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Coby MP828-8GBLK 8 GB 2.8-Inch Video MP3 Player Review-From Top Mp3 Players

coby MP828

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In the last few years Coby has earned a good name when it comes to music gadgets and is trying to follow giants like Sony and Apple, and to some extent it has been successful. However Coby yet has to work-hard to get to the level where big names can be seen and knowing this Coby is moving towards its targets by producing pocket-friendly mp3 players with good quality.

Product Description

Coby MPP828 is a beautiful mp3 player with capability of playing and recording videos and obviously taking photos as well. Equipped with a touchscreen the mp3 player would be a pretty good deal for many people as it is now priced at $38 approximately. Like many other good mp3 players, Coby MPP828 can also be used while you’re working out or jogging. Let’s have a look at its pros and cons.



  • It comes with a 2.8’’ TFT LCD screen and that also touchscreen so it makes things easier while the LCD is pretty good in terms of color and responsiveness as well.
  • You can fill it will many songs, photos and videos as it boasts 8 GB of space.
  • An FM radio won’t let you stay bored and you can tune-in to your favorite programs whenever you want.
  • Coby MPP828’s another good feature is its 0.3 megapixel camera (not HD) but still does the job and takes decent photos and videos, not bad at all!
  • If 8-GB space is not enough for you then why not get a microSD Card for your mp3 player? Yes, Coby MPP828 also supports external memory so no more worries of deleting any files.
  • Its integrated stereo speakers are no doubt a treat as well because you can’t carry your headphones all the time, so listening to your favorite music without headphones is pretty good.
  • You can check time, date and it also supports a calendar.
  • Transferring files is pretty easy on Coby MPP828 as it supports USB 2.0 connectivity, so simply plug in and start transferring.
  • With all such features it is still lightweight and the battery life is around 25hrs playback which is pretty good.
  • A file manager or browser to help you search and find different files easily.


  • To play videos you will have to convert them into AVI format which not every user will be able to do.
  • If the memory is being fully used the mp3 player becomes slow in performance.
  • Coby MPP828 has no options to download any additional games and apps, which means it’s only good for music.
  • Many users have trouble working with the e-book option.
  • Its user-interface is not very advanced and needs to be brushed-up.
  • Some people have complained about its battery life that it doesn’t last for 25hrs, but that can be a fault in some units.
  • There are no connectivity options such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • Its build quality is not very high and seems flimsy.

coby MP828 bluecoby MP828 red


Overall Coby MPP828 seems pretty good and very close to Apple’s Ipod Touch but yet somewhat behind. However if you see at the pros and cons, then pros not only exceed in numbers but also if weighed against cons they’d win. Therefore, at $38 Coby MPP828 would be a really good bargain.


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